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Fabiana in Amerika

It gets closer and closer to the end of the time here.

This week nothing really special happened. I just had my normal routine of swimming and the gym. The trainings were mostly mid-distances so it was a bit harder. At the end of Thursday morning practice I had to wear a hypnosis glasses who showed all the time the same motions of a breaststroke swimmer. After 5 minutes of watching this little video I had to try to swim like it was showed. It was something different and felt weird to swim. Saturday after the morning practice they took some pictures of me for their website and we also did some pictures in the group just for fun. Beside the practice I didn’t do something special this week.


Welcome back, Fabiana!



Fabiana in Amerika

Oktoberfest in Florida

This week I was the most time of it alone with the twins in the house. The mother and her boyfriend returned for a birthday to Switzerland. At the same time as they left, a swiss friend of them who lives in Florida too slept for two nights here at our house. Tuesday and Thursday I went to morning practice and after it I joined a delicious breakfast with a swim mate. During the week I learned a lot for the driving theory that I can begin to take lessons when I’m back. Friday evening we went to the octoberfest. It was quite funny! Saturday I got a practice and did it for myself because the others were at a competition where I couldn’t participate.



The week with my parents has pasted very fast.

Monday we drove to the Sawgrass Mall who is the biggest shopping mall in the area. It’s located in Sunrise so just 45 minutes away from our apartment. There were just a few people because it was still in the morning. At the evening I had like always practice. The second day of the week we were just in our apartment and at the pool of it. The practice in the evening was easy.

On Wednesday we went in the morning to the swimming pool in Deerfield because my parents wanted to swim as well. We bought some food for cooking and at the evening I had again practice. Thursday we wanted to go with my host family on a boat trip at the evening so I went to the morning practice. It was quite hard. After it we were at another shopping center. I also had the chance to go to a private Jolyn swimsuit store to choose some new suits. Unfortunately we couldn’t go on the boat trip because it rained a lot. Friday was similar to Wednesday. And on Saturday I had again morning practice. It was very long with a lot of technic. After it we drove again to the Shopping center to buy some clothes because we didn’t have enough time on Thursday. Sunday I just enjoyed the last hours with my parents before they flew back home. The week was very nice with a lot of shopping!



The first week without school is over.

Most of the days I passed at home with reading a book or going into the pool. At the evenings I had like always practice and sometimes gym after it. It was again a sunny week with no rain during the day.

From Friday until Sunday were the two dogs of the oldest son at our home because he went with his girlfriend to Orlando over the weekend. Saturday morning practice was for the first time recovery day except the last set. At the evening my parents arrived in Miami to visit me. I was already the whole week looking forward to see them. I will live the whole next week with them in a little apartment where we cook on our own. Sunday they were still a bit tired of the flight so we first were at the pool and after eating lunch we went to the beach. At the evening we were invited for eating pizza at my hostfamily’s home. They were delicious!



Another week came to an end.

The school and swimming are doing well and nothing special happened through the week. It was announced that it will rain a lot from Thursday on because the Hurricane Florence. He did a heavy storm in North and South Carolina and in my city we didn’t even had rain so it was the whole week sunny weather. Saturday I had again a long practice and in the evening we went with my host family to a German restaurant. The food was really good. I went early to bed because on Sunday I had to awake at 6 am. There was a little competition in Weston who took place as a memory for an important member of the Florida swimming community. He was killed by a drunk driver while on his bicycle ride. So we went up there to swim some 50 and 100 as a practice. As I came back home we went all together in the pool, listened music and had fun.



This week was the hottest since I’m here I think.

The school didn’t feel long because it began on Tuesday. For a lot of students of my class it was the last week so they left. We were just four more Students. The trainings on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday were quit hard. Already after the swim practice I was nearly dead but the gym continued directly after. At least I slept good at night ☺. This Saturday was the first where we could end our practice. At 9:30am we put on sun cream and went directly after in the water. The practice was long and took until 12am. All the training long there were no clouds so we tanned a lot. When it was finished I walked to the bus station and unfortunately missed the bus. Here the punctuality is even worse than the one of SBB. If the bus is 5 minutes too early he doesn’t have to wait. But it can also be that he comes 10 minutes too late so you probably have to wait in the sun. At the evening we played a game with the family, it was quite funny. Sunday I went to a shopping center to buy new shoes and food for between. The rest of the day I spent at home just at the evening we went to the oldest son to grill the 12 Lobster where the daughter of my family caught the day before. So I tried it out but it’s not really my taste. Luckily there were some sausages for me!



It’s now already the 5th week I’m staying here.

This week wasn’t my happiest week because Monday it began with a migraine and continued until Thursday. I didn’t feel good so I didn’t go to school on Tuesday and took a break with swimming for four days. Saturday practice was quite the same than last week. After one hour of practice we had to go out and wait until the thunder was over. So we waited for 1.5h next to the pool and then took the decision to go back home because the thunder didn’t stop.

It continued raining the whole day as well on Sunday. Sunday evening, we went to friends of my host family and did pizza on our own. They were delicious! Monday it was “Labor Day” so everyone got off work and the schools were closed. So I had practice from 8-10 and directly after one hour of gym. Already at the water practice it began heavily to rain. Luckily we could finish the practice because there came a huge storm. It was a “tropical Storm” who is the first step of a Hurricane. The streets were floated with water and some tree branches were laying on the ground. Nevertheless we went to a friends garage where he collect things. It was quite interesting and funny.



A new exciting week has already passed.

The days in school I like very much because the people there are very friendly and at the weekends we do often things together. On Monday a new Swiss student from St. Gallen came in my class and the other Swiss student from Lugano leaved the same day. My teacher is very friendly and explains good.

My swim team is very cool. There are swimmers in my speed and some are faster. The training is very diversified what I like a lot. We train in two different pools in Boca Raton and in Deerfield. Both of them are very beautiful located. Tuesday and Thursday we have alwaya first 2h water practice and then we go for 1h to the gym. There we have a program specialized for swimmers. Already after the first workout I had much muscle pain… Unfortunately at the Saturday practice after 45 minutes in the water came a big storm with lightings so we had to leave the pool. At the evening I went with some school friends to a big fun park in Fort Lauderdale. It was amazing how big it is. But there were so many people that you had to wait 2h long, for playing one round bowling. So we left early and I watched some series at my home. Sunday I stayed the whole day at home and relaxed a bit.



Dear team

It’s now soon two weeks ago since my family has left me. I stay here in Pompano Beach (1h away of Miami) at a kind family. They come from Switzerland too but emigrated around 10 years ago. Their daughter swam once at the swiss team “limmat sharks” where she was taught of Nico (now coach Sc Kreuzlingen). That’s why Nico gave me the idea to swim in this team where the daughter works for.

The climate here is quite different than to Switzerland. It feels much warmer and you sweat much faster. Even after a heavy rain it’s still hot outside. So nearly each house in the neighborhood has a swimming pool. But it’s not really a cooling because also the water is warm. Dariell would feel here comfortable for sure.

So I started my language school on last Monday. It’s 15 minutes by bus to go there and around the school are a lot of possibilities to have lunch. I already met a lot of kind people who are from all over the world. In my class we are in total 8 persons. They are from Saudi Arabia, Guatemala, Brazil, Colombia, Spain and one is even from Lugano! So we see how small the world sometimes can be J At the weekend I will go with two French people at the beach of Miami and celebrate a little my birthday. And on Monday the coach of my swimming team will be back from holidays so the trainings will finally begin.


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